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The made in the USA, the Catalytic PURE AIR has proven its worth in major casinos, hotels and commercial applications and is now available for residential applications through our online store. Our money back guarantee has allowed every client to try the...

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The made in the USA, the Catalytic PURE AIR has proven its worth in major casinos, hotels and commercial applications and is now available for residential applications through our online store. Our money back guarantee has allowed every client to try the "product and not the promise" since 2001.

What size area will the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier treat? For good indoor air quality, an air change rate of 4-6 time per hour. The air change rate is the all the air in an indoor being replaced by new air. The Catalytic PURE AIR purifier will deliver 4 changes per hour per 500 sq. ft. or 6 changes per 325 sq. ft. Air quality will depend on the occupancy and activity of a given area.

Will one Catalytic PURE AIR purifier be enough for my house? Yes, most of us live in about 500 sq. ft of living space so one unit is sufficient. It is also designed to be portable and weighs only 23 lbs. so you can move it around to where ever to need better air quality. Remember to run your Catalytic PURE AIR purifier 24/7. And whenever you leave the house, turn the unit up to the highest Air Exchange Level possible. Let the air purifier work while you are away. 

Why is air exchange important? The air change rate is managed through natural and/or mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation occurs when air moves through opened doors and windows by wind or temperature differences. Mechanical ventilation occurs when air handling systems or air purifiers change the air. A proper air exchange rate it is vital for maintaining healthy indoor air. The air change rate is very important because indoor pollutants can add up and create unhealthy indoor air. With buildings being built air tight for energy efficiency, often the air change rate is insufficient.

Can the filters be cleaned? Yes, but only the 5 micron pre-filter. Catalytic PURE AIR recommends simply vacuuming off the excess material collected on the front of the green pre-filter approximately every six months. The second stage hepa filter cannot be cleaned and both filters must be replaced when the control panel indicates replacement.

How often do I have to maintain the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier? Maintenance will depend on activity and occupancy in the space, but for most residential applications, changing the prefilters, HEPA filter and UV lamp once per your will give you excellent indoor air quality.

Tell me about the "Risk Free Guarantee"? We are successful because we make an excellent air purifier. All our customers can try our Catalytic PURE AIR purifier for 100 days and if you are not satisfied, we send you a shipping label so you can put if back in the box and ship it back to us. We refund your purchase price in full. It is that simple.  

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Let our Customers tell you about the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier: 

"The number one complaint (from guests) is smoke. These things (air purifiers) made a night and day improvement in air quality so quickly." - Dave Fuller, Hotel Director Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

"We have three dogs and a son with allergies. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit has help with the pet odor and my son breathes much easier. We keep the unit in the family room so everybody benefits." -The Meier Family, Tahoe Donner, CA, USA

"At our facility, we use a laser treatment for taking care of foot problems which has odor as a by product of the treatment. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit takes care of odor problems and improves the indoor air quality at my practice. Staff, patients and I are very pleased with the product.  The unit is used in the treatment room 400 sq. ft. Smelly feet and odors from laser treatments are mitigated by the Catalytic PURE AIR unit as well as chemical odors including: alcohol, disinfectant, burnt skin cells." - Dave Condon, DPM, Truckee Podiatry, Truckee, CA, USA

"They’re doing fantastic,  .... We just ordered more, they are doing so good." - Albert Johnson, General Manager, Gold Dust West Reno

"The Grand Sierra Resort uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit to reduce odors left by guests and pets. Ozone can be toxic so using the Catalytic PURE AIR unit is lung friendly to our guests and hotel workers. Technical: Hotel rooms are 400 sq. ft. The hotel is pet friendly so they have to clean out pet odors." - Pam Watts, Executive Housekeeper, Grand Sierra Resort

"It’s been less than two weeks and the verdict is already in these make a difference!" - Terry Boyle, General Manager, Winnemucca Inn and Casino

"The Catalytic Pure Air system is the greatest. My niece and her husband have extreme allergies to dogs, before purchasing our system they couldn’t come to our home without popping Claritin….The system is so great we have one in our office…Our team of receptionist appreciate fresh clean air every day." - Rena Zatica, Front Office Staff, General Manager

"I got one of these last summer during the terrible fires because my husband already has compromised lungs. It made a huge difference for him. Now, it just quietly does its job and keeps the dog hair and dust out of the air for all of us. You need to try it!" - Yolanda Foster, Prospect Mortgage, Reno, NV

The Catalytic Technology has been proven in the toughest casino conditions to improve indoor air quality. Please contact us with any questions toll free @ 800 898 8299 or