Air Purifiers for Home Applications

Although Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers are best known for tackling the tough job of improving indoor air quality in casinos, hotels and public spaces, the same Catalytic PURE AIR purifier is used in many residential application.
The exact same commercial grade air purifier is available through our online store. You get commercial quality and performance in your own home to help with residential indoor air quality issues like pets, allergies, respiratory issues and odor control.
Don't hesitate to take advantage of our 100 day money back guarantee and our FREE replacement filter kit available at check out at our online store when you order. Please see some of our satisfied customers below.
Air purifiers for pets, allergies, respiratory issues and asthma
Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers for your Home:
Catalytic PURE AIR purifier for animal dander  and allergies
Mary Meier, Tahoe Donner, CA “We have three dogs and a son with allergies. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit has help with the pet odor and my son breathes much easier. We keep the unit in the family room so everybody benefits.”
Catalytic PURE AIR purifier for animal allergies and pollen
Lars Pierce, Ph.D Foresty, University of California Monterey: “I have been using the Pure-Air Photo Catalytic Air Purifier since the spring of 2007. I have suffered from plant pollen allergies for most of my life. For several weeks every spring, I typically suffer allergic reactions to airborne plant pollens (pine and grasses, both wind-pollinated), which bloom in the Santa Cruz area from February-May. My symptoms are typical and include sneezing, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, and red/itchy eyes. I typically take an aLntihistamine (loratadine) and use a nasal spray (fluticasone) to control these symptoms when I am out and about during the day, but I don’t like to take allergy medicines at night because they keep me awake and I like to give my body a daily break from the drugs. I purchased the Pure-Air air purifier so that I sleep symptom-free and avoid taking the allergy drugs at night. I typically turn on the Pure-Air air purifier about 30 minutes before I go to bed, and then turn it down to ‘sleep’ mode when I go to bed. In addition to providing us with clean, pollen-free air, my girlfriend and I find that the gentle hum of the fan in ‘sleep’ mode is actually soothing, as it blocks noises coming from outside the house. The Pure-Air air purifier keeps me symptom-free all night and allows me to get the sleep I need. Thanks Pure-Air.”
Rena Zatica, Front Office Staff: "The Catalytic Pure Air system is the greatest. My niece and her husband have extreme allergies to dogs, before purchasing our system they couldn’t come to our home without popping Claritin….The system is so great we have one in our office…Our team of receptionist appreciate fresh clean air every day."
Catalytic PURE AIR purifier for respiratory issues, allergies and asthma
Dr. Michael Gerber,  Gerber Medical Center, Reno, NV: The Gerber Medical facility specializes in holisic medicine and uses Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers in his office. Always look for holistic health solutions, Dr. Gerber has had an air purifier in his exam room, waiting room and treatment room for over 4 years. 
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