Catalytic PURE AIR purifier Testimonials

Take a moment and read what our clients have to say about the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier. The Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers is powerful enough for commercial installations like hotels and schools, but efficient enough for residential applications. If you have any questions regarding the installation below please do not hesitate to contact us. Click on any installation to get more details.


Lars Pierce, Ph.D. Forestry. University of California Monterey, USA

“I have been using the Pure-Air Photo Catalytic Air Purifier since the spring of 2007. I have suffered from plant pollen allergies for most of my life. For several weeks every spring, I typically suffer allergic reactions to airborne plant pollens (pine and grasses, both wind-pollinated), which bloom in the Santa Cruz area from February-May. My symptoms are typical and include sneezing, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, and red/itchy eyes. I typically take an aLntihistamine (loratadine) and use a nasal spray (fluticasone) to control these symptoms when I am out and about during the day, but I don’t like to take allergy medicines at night because they keep me awake and I like to give my body a daily break from the drugs. I purchased the Pure-Air air purifier so that I sleep symptom-free and avoid taking the allergy drugs at night. I typically turn on the Pure-Air air purifier about 30 minutes before I go to bed, and then turn it down to ‘sleep’ mode when I go to bed. In addition to providing us with clean, pollen-free air, my girlfriend and I find that the gentle hum of the fan in ‘sleep’ mode is actually soothing, as it blocks noises coming from outside the house. The Pure-Air air purifier keeps me symptom-free all night and allows me to get the sleep I need. Thanks Pure-Air.”

Karen Wood, General Manager, The Sleep Shop, USA

“Jim provides personal service for a fantastic product. Buy the Catalytic Pure air purifier and he’ll set it up and service it as needed (in the Truckee Meadows area.) I haven’t seen a product that reduces particulate matter in home or office as good as this product. Jim even arranges a payment plan when possible. Don’t miss out on this amazing air purifier. If you have respiratory problems and are trying to reduce toxins in your home, check this out!”

The Meier Family, Tahoe Donner, CA, USA

“We have three dogs and a son with allergies. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit has help with the pet odor and my son breathes much easier. We keep the unit in the family room so everybody benefits.”


Dave Condon, DPM, Truckee Podiatry, Truckee, CA, USA

“At our facility, we use a laser treatment for taking care of foot problems which has odor as a by product of the treatment. The Catalytic PURE AIR unit takes care of odor problems and improves the indoor air quality at my practice. Staff, patients and I are very pleased with the product.” The unit is used in the treatment room 400 sq. ft. Smelly feet and odors from laser treatments are mitigated by the Catalytic PURE AIR unit as well as chemical odors including: alcohol, disinfectant, burnt skin cells.”

Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez, Fresh Mex Restaurant, USA

“We had a problem with odors from our bathroom coming through the restaurant. With the Catalytic PURE AIR unit in the hall by the bathrooms the odors have disappeared. I don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors in my restaurant and complaining customers.”


Application: Catalytic PURE AIR unit was installed in the hallway outside the bathrooms to prevent bathroom odors from entering the restaurant.

Technical: The restaurant kitchen has a 1,500 cfm fan over the kitchen stove. Negative pressure created by the kitchen hood vent pulled odors from the bathrooms into the restaurant. The 265 cfm fan of the Catalytic PURE AIR unit reduces odors before they can enter the restaurant.


Gary Harmon, Owner, Minuteman Press, Printing Shop, Reno, USA

“We had a strong smell of the solvents we use to clean our printing presses. Using the Catalytic PURE AIR unit been fantastic in eliminating the smell of the solvents. My employees and customers are in a much healthier environment.”


Application: Catalytic PURE AIR unit is used in the office area and placed by the printing presses to reduce toxic odors.

Technical: Toxic cleaners for the printing press including volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds which can be hazardous to humans.


Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance

“With any athletic facility, we have lots of people working out and creating poor air quality. We use the Catalytic PURE AIR unit to clean out the odors in our testing and workout rooms. All the windows are closed in the winter so we really need fresh air provide by the air purifier.” Application: Unit is places in aerobic testing room and exercise rooms to reduce odors and improve indoor air quality. Technical: The unit only weighs 23 lbs. so it can be moved around the facility to create better air quality.” Kelli Twomey – Director

Rand Family Care Medical Clinic, USA

“In our clinic, with treatments and patients indoor air quality and odor are a constant problem. Catalytic PURE AIR helps us out a lot.”

Application: Dr. Rand and clinicians move the unit to different parts of the clinic to improve indoor air quality.

Technical: Medical office face challenges of keeping the facility clean and Catalytic PURE AIR is the product they use.

Micheal Grimes, Owner, AGM Studios Video Production, USA
Technical: $250,000 worth of high end video equipment and dust is the enemy. Poor ventilation and poor IAQ on office and studio.


Quote: “Since installing the Photo Catalytic PURE AIR (QA-20) my dust problems have almost disappeared. My maintenance costs have dropped by 50%. Our indoor air quality is much improved. The air is much lighter and fresher. Coming into the studio in the morning there is no stale odor in the air. In a facility that has employees that smoke, this is welcome to everybody. I highly endorse the air purifier as it will dramatically improve your indoor air quality and work environment.”

New Beginnings Day Care, Renown Medical Center, USA

Application: The Catlaytic PURE AIR units in the facility with good results. Over two years and no maintenance problems. The units are really good for odor control in the rooms where the kids take naps.

Tina Smith, Sierra Pacific West Securities

“I love my air purifier in my office. As a cancer survivor, I really appreciate the good and and it keeps me healthy.”

Revelations Salon, Reno, NV

Revelations uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit in the entry to keep the area smelling fresh for customers. They really noticed the difference when the Caughlin fire brought smoke into their salon.

Senior Insurance Agency, Reno, NV

Located on a busy four lane street, the insurance agency uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit to mitigate the carbon monoxide and particulate from the street.


Grand Sierra Resort

Application: The GSR uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit to reduce odors left by guests and pets. Ozone can be toxic so using the Catalytic PURE AIR unit is lung friendly to our guests and hotel workers. Technical: Hotel rooms are 400 sq. ft. The hotel is pet friendly so they have to clean out pet odors. Pam Watts – Executive Housekeeper

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Catalytic PURE AIR units are installed on the smoking floors of the hotel to ensure a better quality experience for all guests. May soon be available as an amenity upgrade upon guest request.

Atlantis Casino and Spa Resort

Installations in the VIP lounge to improve air quality and guest satisfaction. Also used the salon due high volumes of beauty products and residual odors.

El Dorado Casino Hotel, Reno, NV

The El Dorado Casino Hotel and Resort uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit when guests have an air quality complaint. The guests like to keep the unit in their room to give the 24 /7 quality air.

Peppermill Wendover, Nevada, USA

Peppermill Wendover uses the unit in all sorts of hotel applications.

Sands Skypark, Singapore

Used in the offices in the shipping and receiving department in the basement due to poor air quality from delivery trucks and no natural ventilation.

Ramada Inn Hotel and Casino

The Ramada uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit to clean out the smoking rooms once guest have left saving time and money on cleaning.

Best Western Hotel

The Best Western in Fallon, NV uses the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier in the smoking rooms and lobby to improve indoor air quality.

Sentosa Hotel, Singapore

Sentosa Hotels uses the Catalytic PURE AIR unit in rooms to battle mold and stuffy conditions.


Dr. Xiaoshan Zhu, PhD. College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

The unit is used in the treatment room 400 sq. ft. Smelly feet and odors from laser treatments are mitigated by the Catalytic PURE AIR unit as well as chemical odors including: alcohol, disinfectant, burnt skin cells.

Cheung Chuk Shan College, Hong Kong
Application: Units were placed in classrooms to improve indoor air quality.


Technical: Each classroom is appx. 600 sq. ft. to achieve 4 air exchanges per hour for the students.