Toughest Test: The Catalytic PURE AIR purifier story

Starting in 2001, we wanted to really test our Catalytic PURE AIR purifier. So we went to the toughest indoor air environments we could think of – the casino and hotel industry. Catalytic PURE AIR offered the industry point of use air purifiers with the technology and capacity to tackle the toughest indoor air quality problems.

General Managers, Housekeepers, Hotel Directors and Slot Gaming Managers went about testing the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier in their hotel rooms, public spaces and gaming floors. They loved the air purifiers. Since then, Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers have been improving indoor air quality in environments ranging from truck stops to luxury casinos resorts with a cost effective solution. 

Now this exact same Catalytic PURE AIR purifier is available for your home or commercial application to improve indoor air quality. Look at our select customers and take advantage our 100 day money back guarantee offer. If you have any questions about the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier don’t hesitate to give us a toll free call @ 1 800 989-8299. We are always glad to help out.