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2 Options to Improve Indoor Air Quality with PCO Technology

Both "Point of Use" and "Point of Entry" systems using PCO (photo catalytic oxidation) technology are available to improve indoor air quality and reduce contaminants in your environment.

For "Point of Use" Applications: The  Catalytic PURE AIR purifier is ideal for smoking rooms and public areas where you get 2nd hand smoke and odor complaints. This self contained unit can go anywhere near a 110 volt outlet and improve the air with powerful PCO technology.

Below are customers currently using the Catalytic PURE AIR purifier. 

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino
Konocti Vista Casino
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Gold Dust West Properties
Jacobs Entertainment International
Sands Regency
Gold Ranch Verdi
Cash Magic Truck Plazas
Grand Sierra Resort
Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa
Nugget Casino Resort


For "Point of Entry" Applications:  The "V-PAC" System installs in the AHU (Air Handling Unit) of your existing HVAC system and improves air quality for the entire property or space with PCO technology: 


Point of Entry PCO System for Indoor Air Quality

Below are customers currently using the "V-PAC" System:
Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Barona Resort & Casino, Lakeside, CA
Lucky Eagle Casino, Roechester, WA
San Manuel Casino, Riverside, CA

To get your questions answered about PCO technology and start improving your indoor air quality today, click the link below:





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